The PDT Europe 2017 Conference program committee hereby invite you to submit abstracts.
Due date for the abstracts is May 5.

Call for abstact is now closed.

PDT Europe 2017 theme:
Continuous transformation of PLM to support the Lifecycle Model-Based Enterprise.

Products are becoming systems with increased complexity. This development is driving the take up model based enterprise (MBE) approaches. These include digital twin, digital thread, digital enterprise and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), all of which need to work together. This means increased interoperability, democratization and collaboration.

Everything and everyone is connected. Data must be reused across the systems lifecycle and business networks and this calls for a broad definition of MBE.
MBE is cross discipline and cross organization. Much more than 3D CAD, it includes processes up-stream, as well as down-stream of CAD.

In parallel, the competitive landscape is changing at an unprecedented pace with pressure on lead times, quality and cost. Competition, globalization, joint ventures, mergers & acquisitions force organizations to transform to survive. MBE must be implemented for agile processes and change.

PDT Europe 2017 will look into strategies, tactics and implementations moving towards MBE, anticipated and realized business benefits.


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