Doug Brent, Senior Vice President, Technology Innovation
Trimble, USA.

This session will cover some real world examples of physical to digital connection today, and look at what is likely to be a significant growth trend over the next several years.

For decades, the industry has sought to bring technology tools to building construction through design modeling, PLM, and project management. These types of tools are very impactful, but this impact is substantially greater when we can connect these digital tools with the physical world.

Several trends are driving the importance of this digital/physical connection:

  • Detailed constructible models that can connect with tools on the job site (e.g. for layout) to take design decisions through construction.
  • IOT for making a “smart” anything, collecting data for analytics, and device configuration.
  • Augmented reality for bringing digital models and other data into the context of the real world built environment.
  • Improved collaboration environments for handling the many stakeholders on a job site.
  • With a more connected digital and physical world, the opportunity to better optimize the building life cycle, from design to build to operate.