We look forward to welcoming you to PDT Europe 2018!

Collaboration in the Engineering and Manufacturing Supply Chain – the Extended Digital Thread and Smart Manufacturing.

Business is increasingly performed in networks. These can involve the supply chain,
partners, joint ventures and customers. There are many reasons for networked business, such as global access to markets, access to skills, time to market and time to volume
production. Sometimes the driver is access to data and information.

Many companies have transformed into system integrators with a majority of the end product created externally. The high level of complexity, number of partners and business speed are challenging the classic model of data exchange in a supply chain and sharing becomes more relevant. Sharing also resonates with the way we communicate in social media.

The dynamic and global market also calls out for smart manufacturing. Advanced
information and manufacturing technologies are used to enable flexibility in physical
processes. Smart manufacturing, industrial internet and industry 4.0 all make use and benefit from the rapid development in IT and communication.

The digital twin, digital thread and smart manufacturing have the potential to move the enterprise towards better performance, manageable cost, controlled risk and support for agile and future business. The vision is here but how about the details? How can we make best use of the cloud, industry 4.0, systems engineering, model based, IoT, additive
printing, block-chain, edge computing etc. and what standards should be in focus?

PDT Europe 2018 will look into strategies, tactics and implementations moving towards the Networked Model Based Enterprise and Smart  Manufacturing, the Extended Digital Thread, the anticipated and realized risks as well as business benefits.