Theme 2019: PLM for Professionals – Product Lifecycle Innovation

As PLM is naturally expanding its coverage there are plenty of opportunities opening for innovation across a product’s entire lifecycle. Any PLM professional needs to manage the complex PLM legacy, as well as understand where all new capabilities in and around PLM can and most likely will take us. PLM Road Map and PDT North America is the meeting place where leaders will report on these two fronts—the classics of PLM and the upcoming PLM enablers. Pain points and trends!

In the camp of classic PLM are the pain points of understanding and deciding the borders between MBOM, EBOM, and SBOM—if the borders still exist! Configuration Management and Collaboration are additional areas that have been around where innovation can still provide significant advantages. New business models require rethinking. What was state of the art isn’t anymore.

The PLM professional also needs to manage and plan for the introduction and democratization of Modeling & Simulation, Model Based Systems Engineering, Predictive Maintenance, Additive Manufacturing, Augmented Reality, and Cloud. Investment and training need to go where the best pay-off is, but PLM professionals must make sure recent and promising technologies are seamlessly integrated parts of the total PLM solution. Standardization at the right levels can enable an architecture where old and new will co-exist for the benefit of all in transformed digital networks.

Today, PLM is a topic that is hotter than ever with a lot of recent VC investments, as well as a long list of mergers & acquisitions. PLM is definitely a major part of any organization’s Digital Transformation.

Attend the joint conference PLM Road Map and PDT North America in 2019 to hear from PLM leaders, learn about success and trends, and take the next step in your career as a PLM professional.


CIMdata PLM Road Map 2019