Conference programme

Over the course of the two-days, presentations will be made on the following topics:

  • KEYNOTE: The State of PLM: Today’s Market & Leading Trends
  • Towards a Global, Digital Innovation Practice
  • Multi-view Bill of Materials – A Collaboration Between Aerospace Manufacturers to Improve PLM Solution for Multi-view BOM Management
  • KEYNOTE: Doing Right and Doing Well: Enabling the Circular Economy for Long Term Prosperity
  • The Fundamental Role of PLM in Data-driven Product Portfolio Management
  • The Minimum Digital Thread for Aircraft Certification
  • Panel Discussion: PLM and Complexity
  • A Flagship Data Integration Project in Support of the Royal Navy’s New Carriers
  • KEYNOTE: Chernobyl, the Megaproject with the New Arch (Novarka)
  • PLM, MBSE and the supply chain – challenges and opportunities
  • Improving Collaboration within the Aerospace Partner Ecosystem
  • The ISO AP239 ed3 Project and the Through-file Cycle Interoperability Challenge
  • INMASYST – Managing the Complexity of Large Infrastructure Projects
  • MINnD, the French Research Initiative for Civil Infrastructure
  • Digital Transformation for PLM is not an Evolution
  • Bringing all the Trends Together, What’s Next?

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