Robert R. Lipman, Engineering Laboratory
National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA

A recent economic analysis released by NIST found that smart manufacturing advancements would save manufacturers $57.4 billion per year.
Three of the advancements identified in the NIST analysis are managing digital data through increased exchange of models, seamless transition of digital information throughout the enterprise, and efficient communication of information to decision makers.

Together, these advancements describe the digital thread, which links product lifecycle systems so that shared, trusted, and traceable data may be used to generate actionable intelligence to improve design and manufacturing processes.

This presentation discusses how semantically rich, open standards are needed to realize the digital thread, especially for small-to-medium enterprises. Such standards democratize innovation and level the playing field for all manufacturers by promoting technology-agnostic solutions able to integrate heterogeneous systems. Three standards are highlighted as key enablers of the digital thread: STEP (ISO 10303), MTConnect, and ANSI Quality Information Framework.

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