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Call for Abstracts: PLM Road Map & PDT EMEA 2024

Value Drivers for Digitalization of the Product Lifecycle

Insights for the PLM Professional—Why the investment, what are the returns, and how are they achieved?

Most companies are actively engaging in a digital transformation journey, often within the context of a broader business transformation program. For companies that develop, produce, and/or service products, the scope of transformation is full lifecycle—extending across the interconnected value chain of customers, partners, and suppliers. Billions of dollars are being invested in model-based this and that and digital everything. Examples include model-based definition, model-based systems engineering, model-based enterprise, digital engineering, digital twins, digital threads, and so on.

While every facet of a digital transformation is important, there is a growing realization that elevating the data perspective is critical to success. There has been a paradigm shift in motion for decades to transition from document-based to model-based representations of product information. The next leap is enabling ready access and interpretation of the information within these digital representations and other digital resources through data architectures, standards, governance, and tools such as AI.

At PLM Road Map & PDT 2024, we will highlight the shift towards data enablement by offering insights into where industrial end-user companies are today and how they can benefit from it in the future.

Possible presentation topics could consider these topics:

  • The factors driving investment in product lifecycle digitalization. The goals, value achieved, and lessons learned
  • The strategic positioning of digital threads and digital twins within a product lifecycle
    digitalization program
  • How MBSE and MBE support and build on product lifecycle digitalization
  • How AI builds upon and enables product lifecycle digitalization
  • Extending product lifecycle digitalization across suppliers and customers and addressing the inherent security concerns
  • How the data perspective can reshape established processes like configuration management
  • The role of data governance and how to design trust into the data to enable increased
  • Standards relevant to product lifecycle digitalization
  • Developing people skills for today and the future
  • Explaining product lifecycle digitalization to stakeholders outside of PLM Professionals
  • The role of CXOs and the Board in driving product lifecycle digitalization and how to get their sponsorship
  • Building on product lifecycle digitalization to achieve an environmental, social, and governance operation and how to capture sustainability and circular economy opportunities

We are calling for submissions from industrial end-users, though nominations from solution providers are also welcome. Abstracts should outline the proposed presentation in about 200 words, along with speaker details including name, job title, and company.

The deadline for abstract submission is 24 June 2024. Please send your proposals to Håkan Kårdén.

For inspiration and examples of previous presentations, check out the agenda from our 2024 North American event.

Join us to contribute to a critical discourse on digital transformation at one of the leading PLM conferences in the world. Your insights could help shape the future of industries engaged in a comprehensive digital evolution.

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