PDT Europe’s History

PDT Europe started in 1992 as a project sponsored by the European Commission and initiated by Prof. Horst Nowaki (Technical University, Berlin) as a communication place for like-minded European specialists in the then emerging field of product data technologies. It was soon managed by Bill Mesley of Quality Marketing Services in the UK, who was the soul of the event until 2003. Since 2004 the event is run by Eurostep.

Over its lifecycle, the conference evolved into the leading pan-European event for the diverse aspects of product data technology in key industries. These industries included heavy weights, such as the automotive industry, aerospace- and defense industries, plant / building design and construction, offshore and petrochemicals, the emerging e-business domain and many more. A key aspect during recent years has been the need for interoperability and openness.

One of the conference’s key characteristics was its public-private partnership concept. Sponsors included not only organisations such as the European Commission and the European Space Agency but also leading European manufactures, such as BMW, Shell and Fiat-CRF. In addition, IT companies like Microsoft and IBM supported the event on various occasions. In fact, because of this concept, all key players in the field of product data technologies were provided with a place to exchange and share ideas on a regular basis and over a long period of time – something not be found too often in today’s technical conference field.

Thanks to this concept, all key players in the field of product data technologies have a place to meet and discuss. This makes PDT Europe special among technical conferences.


Previous Conferences

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Conference program PDT Europe 181003

26th PDT Europe October 18-19, 2017 Gothenburg

25th PDT Europe November 9-10, 2016 Paris

24th PDT Europe October 13-14, 2015 Stockholm

23rd PDT Europe October 14-15, 2014 Paris

22nd PDT Europe October 15-16, 2013 Stockholm

21st PDT Europe September 25-26, The Hague

20th PDT Europe September 20-21, Vaasa

19th PDT Europe November 18-19, Reading

18th PDT Europe November 18-19, 2009 Versailles, France

17th PDT Europe September 29-30, 2008 Gothenburg, Sweden

16th PDT Europe September 24-26, 2007 Geneva, Switzerland

15th PDT Europe October 16-18, 2006 Toulouse, France

14th PDT Europe September, 26-28, 2005 Amsterdam, Netherlands

13th PDT Europe October 18-20, 2004 Stockholm, Sweden

12th PDT Symposium 25th-27th November 2003 Manchester, England

11th PDT Symposium 7th-9th June 2002 Turin, Italy

10th PDT Symposium 24th-26th April 2001 Brussels, Belgium

9th PDT Symposium 2nd-5th May 2000, Noordwijk, Netherlands

8th PDT Symposium 13th-16th April 1999 Stavanger, Norway

7th PDT Days 25th-26th April 1998 Watford, England

6th PDT Days 16th-17th April 1997 Sophia Antipolis, France

5th PDT Days 18th-19th April 1996 Shell Centre, London

4th PDT Days 25th-26th January, 1995 Munich, Germany

3rd PDT Days 2nd-3rd March, 1994 Paris, France

2nd PDT Days 24th-25th November, 1993 Stuttgart, Germany

1st PDT Days 28th-30th September, 1992 Odense, Denmark