Welcome to PLM Road Map 2017 and PDT Europe 2017 registration!


Conference Fees:
Industrial End Users & Academic delegates
PLM RM 2017 and PDT Europe 2017 1495 EUR
PLM RM 2017 795 EUR
PDT Europe 2017 1 100 EUR
PDT Europe 2017 Academic  395 EUR
Solution Providers
PLM RM 2017 and PDT Europe 2017 1795 EUR
PLM RM 2017 995 EUR
PDT Europe 2017 1 495 EUR

VAT will be added to Swedish registrations and non-EU countries.
All others within the European Union need to state VAT number.


Who will attend PDT Europe 2017

PDT Europe is the one conference to attend to learn about progress in using STEP and PLCS and network with others who look to make the adoption of PLM standards a success. Attendees come from all around the world because this conference is unique. Over the last couple of years STEP and PLCS have moved away from a matter just for techies – today the discussions are about extended enterprise, secure collaboration, joint ventures, avoiding vendor lock-in, long term archiving, new and innovative business processes and business benefits.

PDT Europe is not about generic PLM issues, it is about smart product data lifecycle management. The case to attend PDT Europe has never been clearer with the need to address PLM in new and user driven ways. We have all seen the multi year PLM and ERP efforts often delivering result that are not satisfactory and not supporting the business at a reasonable cost. Together we need to reinvent and define next generation PLM.

PDT Europe brings focus on the users. Participants are typically managers and decision makers, program- and project managers, IT architects, technical leaders and technical specialists from different industries who meet up and exchange ideas.

We expect to attract 100+ delegates from major engineering business sectors of Aerospace, Automotive, Building and Construction, Defence, HighTech, Telecom, Ship Building, Energy, Pharmaceuti­cal, Process & Plant and Manufacturing as well as from Research and Academia!


What has previous PDT Europe been like?

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