PDT Europe 2012 Programme

Implementing STEP, PLCS and AP233 – Why, when and how

The interest in standards-based PLM/CM keeps on growing and so does the need
to change and transform industries. A transformation will take place only when
people are convinced.

It is important to make STEP and PLCS possible to understand, accept, and embrace! Significant progress has been made recently and must be shared.

People and organizations say that they need to be able to work across domains, disciplines, and enterprises – this is where the real potential lies. We are short of engineering resources, and time should be devoted to adding value and working in a more joined-up fashion – Lean and Agile PLM.

PDT Europe 2012 will address standards-based PLM and PLM integration with an emphasis on ease of use and understanding. We shall cover what business people need to know; and we shall cover what technical people need to know.

This year we shall look into the future and include SOA, Cloud, Apps, and state-of-the-art secure solutions. We shall examine how these technologies enhance the
benefits already provided by open and public standards.
You are each invited to contribute to PDT Europe 2012 in your own way: by presenting and/or attending, and by immersing yourself in the open atmosphere for which this forum is renowned.
This is the place to meet peers who are all looking to make it happen.

We look forward to seeing you in The Hague, The Netherlands!
Håkan Kårdén, Eurostep, Sweden
Frederic Feru, Airbus, France
Peter Bilello, CIMdata, USA
Nigel Shaw, Eurostep, UK
Erik Baalbergen, NLR, the Netherlands
Sune Horkeby, Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery, Sweden

Programme committee for PDT Europe 2012.