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PLM RM and PDT attracts PLM leaders

CIMdata’s PLM Road Map & Eurostep’s PDT conferences have both been recognized for decades as two of the industry’s must attend events, with PLM industrial users and PLM solution providers alike coming together to learn what is happening in the industry from like-minded peers. After a couple of years of co-locating our individual events for 2019 we decided to offer a single event that will appeal to the constituencies of both the PLM Road Map and PDT events. One that attracts PLM leaders, decision makers, and users from top companies around the world who come to learn more about the challenges experienced by others in the industry, common concerns, and best practices.

Who are our thought-leaders and what will they be talking about?

The State of PLM: Today’s Market & Leading Trends 
Peter Bilello, President, CIMdata

Best Practices for Multiple-view Bill of Materials (BOM) Management
Speaker from the Aerospace& Defense PLM Action Group

A Current and Future State Overview of PLM Interconnectivity for a Medical Device Company
Gregory Yow, P.E., Manager Business Solutions – PLM IT, Teleflex

A Flagship Data Integration Project in Support of the Royal Navy’s New Carriers 
Roger Hobley, Technology Development Manager – Maritime Services IS&S BAE Systems Surface Ships, BAE Systems

The Minimum Digital Thread for Aircraft Certification 
Dr. Ken Versprille, Executive Consultant, CIMdata

The Challenges of Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) for NASA
Nigel Shaw, Technical Fellow, Eurostep & Kurt Woodham, NASA

Navigating the Journey to Industrie 4.0. The Good, The Bad, and Making the Ugly – Less Ugly!
Dr. Marc Halpern, P.E., Vice President, Gartner

Identifying Value in Product Lifecycle Innovation using Integrated Product, Process, and Logistics Viewpoints 
Thomas Hedberg, Jr., Ph.D., P.E., Research Mechanical Engineer, NIST

Optimization of Supply Chain Collaboration Practices
Speaker from the Aerospace& Defense PLM Action Group

DoD Digital Engineering Initiative
Philomena “Phil” Zimmerman, Deputy Director of Engineering Tools and Environments, Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Systems Engineering

Enabling Model-Based Systems Engineering Data Interoperability 
Speaker from the Aerospace PLM Action Group

PLM, Model-Based Systems Engineering, and the supply chain-challenges and opportunities
Nigel Shaw, Technical Fellow, Eurostep

Is it Really a Digital Twin If We Don’t Know the As-Built Configuration?
Stephen Denman, R&D Systems Engineer, SANDIA National Laboratories

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