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PLM Road Map & PDT Spring 2021

Disruption—the PLM Professionals’ Exploration of Emerging Technologies that Will Reshape the PLM Value Equation

PLM is increasing in scope and value with the emergence and application of new technologies and processes. With the expansion of digitalization across the whole life cycle, endless opportunities open up to innovate and work more efficiently, inside the enterprise and across the value chain of suppliers, partners, and users. Emerging disruptive technologies that expand the promise of the Digital Thread and the Digital Twin are going through the obligatory hype cycle. Some will make it into the mainstream, and others will be lost and forgotten. The ones that make it are true disruptors, capable of changing and redefining industries. Digital is everywhere these days, and its’ limits are hard to see.

PLM Road Map & PDT 2021 will examine emerging disruptive technologies such as SaaS, cloud, hybrid, low-code/no-code integration platforms, model-based engineering, additive manufacturing, virtual reality /augmented reality, IoT, blockchain, machine learning and artificial intelligence. The value they promise to deliver and why they may be disruptive will be considered. No discussion on emerging disruptive technologies would be complete without a look at the standards needed to ensure openness and interoperability. Additionally, we will share some examples of how these technologies are applied within industries such as aerospace & defense, automotive, AEC, high-tech, and medical devices.

In the tradition of providing an event customized to the interests of PLM Professionals, we have crafted a virtual conference that offers a mix of reports and case studies from teams of industry experts, covering technologies, processes, and people.

Agenda topics will seek to answer the following:

  • How do we select technologies, define processes, and train people to realize the potential value when whole industries are digitalized?
  • How do we establish a balance between efforts in strategy, innovation, standards, openness, growth hacking, and DevOps?
  • What is the role of the PLM Professional across the PLM ecosystem?
  • How fast can we go without losing the “M” in PLM?

Each presentation and expert panel will include practical insights and lessons to be learned.

Don’t miss PLM Road Map & PDT Spring 2021 virtual on 19-20 May if you are at all concerned with with PLM and delivering increased business value, innovation, efficiency, and quality. Regardless of your industry, join us virtually for the opportunity to interact with PLM leaders and peers, learn about successes and trends, and take the next step in your journey as a PLM professional.

Please mark your calendars and register early.

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