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Announcing PLM Road Map & PDT North America 2022

This PLM-focused event will take place in person in May.

Stockholm, Sweden & Ann Arbor, MI, USA 27 January 2022—Eurostep and CIMdata are pleased to announce that PLM Road Map & PDT 2022 North America will be an in-person event at the Marriott Hotel in Tysons Corner, Virginia, USA. The theme for the conference is “Digital Transformation and PLM – a call for PLM Professionals to re-define and re-position the benefits and value of PLM.” The event will take place on May 24th and 25th

PLM Road Map & PDT 2022 will focus on the interests of the PLM Professional. With this in mind, our agenda will offer a mix of reports and case studies from industry experts, covering technologies, processes, and people. PLM Road Map & PDT 2022 will highlight the role of PLM in enabling holistic and sustainable Digital Transformation. Presentations will investigate where PLM has been successful and why. Additionally, we will consider the positioning of PLM within the enterprise.

Agenda topics will seek to answer the following questions:

  • How do we improve PLM implementations to better align with shifting expectations?
  • What is the best use of PLM to support the design and implementation of agile yet resilient supply chains and, in general, reduce and manage enterprise risk?
  • How can PLM support the actionable enterprise, helping management teams to understand, make decisions, and manage the future?
  • What is needed for the PLM community to move to an interoperable system for data reuse and openness, eliminating process gaps and business friction?
  • How do we include PLM as part of strategic AI and Machine Learning investments?
  • What is the role of PLM in a post-COVID-19 world, and how do we reset for it?

According to CIMdata’s President & CEO, Peter Bilello, “After two years of highly successful virtual-live events, it’s time for the PLM Economy to come together again. I can’t think of a better place to do this than PLM Road Map & PDT—the world’s leading PLM event focused on today’s PLM Professionals that brings all parts of the PLM industry together. Our first in-person conference since November 2019 promises high value and accessibility to PLM professionals from multiple industries across the globe. Our theme focuses on the elements that are vital to enabling a successful PLM strategy—equipping the PLM Professional with insight on how to get the most out of the people, processes, and technologies that enable a successful PLM environment.”

“While the tech sector is very much driven by disruption, it must deliver value to end-users,” says Håkan Kårdén, co-founder and Marketing Director Eurostep Group. “PLM Road Map and PDT have recently focused on disruption, but it is now time to look at the value delivered. PLM is constantly increasing in scope and footprint, and in 2022 it is time to look at the importance of PLM in enabling Digital Transformation. After our event in November 2019, we had to go digital ourselves. As we all know, people ultimately make things work, and we also know the value of meeting and discussing in person. I am excited to announce PLM Road Map and PDT as an in-person event in 2022 and look forward to meeting you all, those well-known and new faces, all PLM professionals. Let’s move PLM forward based on the theme of Digital Transformation and PLM – a call for PLM Professionals to re-define and re-position the benefits and value of PLM,” ends Mr. Kårdén

In addition to the event in May, CIMdata and Eurostep will host PLM Road Map & PDT EMEA in late Fall in Gothenburg, Sweden.

For more information about PLM Road Map & PDT 2022, please visit the CIMdata website at


About Eurostep Group

Eurostep delivers software and services for product lifecycle management with a particular focus on the exchange and sharing of data within and between enterprises. Services range from pre-studies to the implementation and support of systems. Eurostep has subsidiaries in Sweden, the UK, France, Finland, Germany, and the US, and has blue-chip customers in a variety of industries including automotive, aerospace, defence, energy, high tech, and building & construction. To learn more about Eurostep’s product and services, visit our website. Follow Eurostep on Twitter and Linkedin.

About CIMdata

CIMdata, a leading independent worldwide firm, provides strategic management consulting to maximize an enterprise’s ability to design and deliver innovative products and services through the application of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions. Since its founding in 1983, CIMdata has delivered world-class knowledge, expertise, and best-practice methods on PLM solutions. These solutions incorporate both business processes and a wide-ranging set of PLM-enabling technologies. CIMdata works with both industrial organizations and providers of technologies and services seeking competitive advantage in the global economy. In addition to consulting, CIMdata conducts research, provides PLM-focused subscription services, and produces several commercial publications. The company also provides industry education through PLM certificate programs, seminars, and conferences worldwide. CIMdata serves clients around the world from offices in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. To learn more about CIMdata’s services, visit their website.

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