PDT Europe 2010 Programme

Theme 2010: Standards based PLM for Global Innovation and Collaboration

PDT 2010 will explore how standards such as STEP, PLCS and the recently completed STEP AP233 for Systems Engineering Data are impacting the implementation of next generation PLM systems. The efforts with PLM standards have shifted dramatically over the last few years from developing standards to implementation. Implementations include newer concepts like SOA and in addition provide means to address transformation/incorporation of legacy PLM systems.

Standards based PLM is no longer just for a small group of standards developers – it is in use at both strategic and tactical levels and covers the full life-cycle. It is now possible to gain control of your product data thanks to the open nature of the STEP standards. In addition implementations can benefit from mainstream office tools and infrastructure software like SharePoint aligning PLM more than ever to the corporate IS/IT infrastructure. Standards based PLM is for everyone and easy to use.

Above all attending PDT Europe 2010 will allow you to learn about business drivers, best practice and benefits with standards based PLM.

PDT Europe 2010 is for you – for you to be a leader in Global Innovation and Collaboration