PDT Europe 2013 Programme

Theme 2013: Integrating PLM, CM and SE for lean, innovative and agile operations

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Configuration Management (CM) and Systems Engineering (SE) as high level disciplines have a lot in common. Yet in many organizations the related processes are conducted by different and often separated teams. Leading organizations are now looking into the integration of PLM, SE and CM with the vision to also include the extended enterprise with suppliers, partners and customers.

PDT Europe 2013 will look into state of the art integrated engineering environments in industries such as aerospace and defence, automotive, high tech, energy and building construction. The capabilities of standards such as STEP, PLCS and AP233 will be explored as enablers for change and business benefits will be presented, including lessons learned. Cases will be presented that in many ways challenge the current practice of large scale and monolithic systems to support engineering across a product’s lifecycle. The heterogeneous engineering world must move towards connectivity with the value of product data driving decisions to move to new business processes and business models.

Welcome to PDT Europe 2013

We look forward to seeing you in Stockholm, Sweden!

Håkan Kårdén, Eurostep, Sweden
Frederic Feru, Airbus, France
Peter Bilello, CIMdata, USA
Nigel Shaw, Eurostep, UK
Sune Horkeby, Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery, Sweden
Kent Freeland, Nuclear Energy and Information Technology Consultant, USA

Programme committee for PDT Europe 2013.

Venue: Nordic Lights Hotel