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A rare opportunity to hear three CEOs of leading PLM solution providers in our CEO Spotlight

We are excited to let you know about the special “CEO Spotlight” discussion taking place at the upcoming PLM Road Map & PDT North America event in May at the Marriott Tysons Corner.

For the first time in many years, we will bring together in a live forum, CEOs from three of the major PLM solution providers in an open discussion “View From the Top: The Future of PLM in the Age of Digitalization.” The discussion will be moderated by CIMdata’s President and CEO, Peter Bilello.

This session will provide an insightful discussion between those in the know and in control of where digital enablement is heading. As PLM professionals, we are uniquely aware of the nature and impact of rapid change in the digital landscape.

We know that, when applied to its potential, PLM can drive Digital Transformation to a greater extent than most other digitalization initiatives. We also know that PLM can address sustainability at a product or system level, contributing in a major way to a sustainable future.

But what is the future of PLM in the age of digitalization? Is it a driving force or being subsumed? This gathering of top executives from several of the leading PLM solution providers will shed light on how their organizations envision the future and plan to be a key enabler of their client’s future success. Discussion topics include PLM’s place within enterprise architecture, integration and interoperability strategies, process enablement and adoption acceleration, and the digital enablement and PLM landscape in 5 to 10 years.

Learn more about our CEO spotlight participants:

We hope that you are able to join us in person on May 24-25!

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