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Day 1 Highlights – PLM Road Map & PDT North America 2022

We are getting excited about the upcoming PLM Road Map & PDT NA 2022 event being held in the Washington DC area on May 24 & 25. Over the next couple of weeks, we will share more about how each day is shaping up for the PLM Professionals planning to attend.

Digital Skills Transformation-Often Forgotten Critical Element for Digital Transformation

CIMdata’s President & CEO, Peter Bilello, will outline the “CIMdata Critical Dozen,” emphasizing the need for digital skills transformation, along with discussing the current state of enablement within industry, what success looks like, the key points of failure, and a four-step framework that can be deployed to achieve the appropriate alignment.

The Link from PLM to ‘Enterprise’ Lifecycle Management (ELM) Realization

BAE Systems’ Roger Hobley will discuss the identification, needs, and benefits of harvesting and deploying Domain Knowledge. The presentation will show how to avoid the study-go-round, project switching, build trust, gain momentum, and what to avoid.

The Digital Transformation of PLM: Where are the Humans

Dr. Tom Hedberg the Mission Director for the Acquisition and Industrial Security mission area at the University of Maryland Applied Research Laboratory (ARLIS) will offer his thoughts on how to ensure that the human is included in the discussion of digitally transforming PLM. He will also explore the socio-technical considerations.

A&D PLM Action Group Project to Define Objectives, Requirements, and Roadmaps for Digital Twin/Digital Thread Solutions

In this presentation, Boeing’s Senior Manager for Architecture Integration & Interoperability Standards, Kenny Swope will share findings and learnings from the A&D PLM Action Group’s digital twin/digital thread project.

KEYNOTE: Making the DoD Digital Engineering Strategy a Reality – An update in Year 4

The DoD’s Acting Deputy Director for Engineering and Director for Engineering Policy and Systems, Stephanie L. Possehl, will reflect on the DoD’s Digital Engineering Strategy released in 2018. Additionally, the presentation will describe digital engineering, modeling, and simulation, as well as data-centric initiatives that have occurred since the Digital Engineering Strategy’s release, which include current departmental efforts to achieve the strategy’s vision. Finally, the presentation will identify opportunities for the future focusing on governmental, academic, and industry efforts to more rapidly deliver solutions to the warfighter.

The Digital Twin/Digital Thread and BOM View Capabilities of the US Navy’s Enterprise PLM Program

In this presentation, Robert Lamanna, ePLM IDE Project Manager, Office of Product Support, Naval Surface Warfare Center, U.S. Navy will share his perspectives on how Digital Twin/Digital Thread and BOM View capabilities are integral to the US Navy’s Enterprise PLM Program.

Digital Transformation of Systems Engineering: Challenges and Opportunities

Dr. Dinesh Verma, Executive Director of the Systems Engineering Research Center (SERC), at the Stevens Institute will share research findings and the results of extensive studies undertaken at SERC to highlight the envisioned future of digital systems engineering, its benefits, and current challenges.

CEO Spotlight: View From the Top: The Future of PLM in the Age of Digitalization

Roque Martin
Tony Hemmelgarn
Chairman & CEO
Siemens DIS
Jim Heppelmann
Chairman & CEO

This CEO spotlight will provide an insightful discussion between those in the know and in control of where digital enablement is heading. Discussion topics include PLM’s place within an enterprise architecture, integration and interoperability strategies, process enablement and adoption acceleration, and the digital enablement and PLM landscape in 5 to 10 years.

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